Monday, August 6, 2012

Sam's Park Day

here's some photos that sam fleischner, co-organizer/deep bro, took of his day in prospect park. more people's picture's to come, so if you have some let's see your day. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prospect Park Program Guide

here's a guide to the actions of our gathering in Prospect Park...

We Song by David Wilson photo Michele Quan

Mille Plateaux, frisbee action by Frank Lyon and Alexis Georgopoulos

performance by Megha Barnabas with Jay Rodriquez, Anna Thorngate, Gloria Maximo and Maggie Jacobstein  photo Rose Lichter-Marck

ceramic bells by Michele Quan

installation by Rachel Hayes photo Michele Quan

Tie Dye zone by Drew Bennett, Joshua Golding, Rob Birdsong, and Ryan Brown

Float by Shawn Maximo

Zomes with Andy Hayleck photo sam fleischner

installation by Z Behl photo Rose Lichter-Marck

Magic Magic Roses

Maia Ibar with Petra Szilagyi, Natalie Le Magueresse, and Baptiste Ibar photo Rose Lichter-Marck

Community Message Board by Nat Russell

installation by Emma Alpert

flower ring by Claire Typaldos for Daniela Gesundheit's vocal 'treatments', with Jana Blankenship, Kat Typaldos, Martha Fleming-Ives

Haussmann photo alex escamilla

text message time capsule, alex escamilla and kat typaldos

Gourd sound design by Phil Shipman

Jessica Weinstien and her body double

Robert James Anderson

sensory tour by sarah shell and heather feather

Joe DiChiara ukulele, photo by Hannah Barr-DiChiara

Stephen Duncan,  Bubble Master  (conjured by Luke and Sarah)

 Shore Fruit, photo Sam Fleischner

Kickstarter Denied by grill master Alex Escamilla, grocery support from Hannah and Julian Barr-DiChiara

Open Oyster

Time/Space, 2 essays by Chris Jennings (*if you would like a copy, please email me)

 Prospect Park History, A Game of Memory by Frances Jacobus-Parker

Note Cards by Alyce Barr

Plant Walk led by Tim Dutcher

Swing by Sam Fleischner

MUSIC FOR WALKING 2 by Sara Magenheimer

no available pictures: installations by Ryan Muller, Will Hood, Seth Gadsden