Friday, December 14, 2007

Melt your hangs

Twice in the last two months I've ventured northward to where the wood is red, and the winsome insights plentiful. In a feigned attempt at concision, I've posted these two distinct journeys together, as though to graft them in our memories, and save space for more. Grey magic you say? Should we find the very details that make memory such sweet diversion errant or missing, I'll repent, but... what is done is done. My surrogate intermagination melted them together. Esther meet Andrew.

New Age Jughead's Innervision Reads: "However we are we're okay."

Andrew the cosmic referee reflects ernestly on the quiet spaces between and the hollow pressure calloused fingertips create.

The sky and ocean in butter-colored union.


In france they call gaps, "happy teeth." I'm not only the happy teeth club president, I'm also a client.

Andrew thought these looked like dutch landscapes. That sat well with me.

Sometimes finding your balance is matter of losing it for a moment. (Whoa. I just had one of those moments where you actually take your own advice for a minute. It Gave me the chills. Or... maybe it's just that I'm listening to Annie Lennox's "why." "I may be lost I may be blind, I may be viciously unkind.")

melted... not...

This totally didnt work! The fractures are so achingly clear! nevertheless I find the beauty speaks beyond the failings of another attempt to break reality in half and romp in the silly stringy time/space gravy. Will I never learn!

Esther made this beautiful mask for h'ween but we just took it to the woods instead.

On the descent esther aptly queried, "Are you texting and hiking?" Twas true. Though I'm often mistaken for a neanderthal from a rental car advertisement ( twalso true!) I'm actually the future. Just quaintly hiking with my shiny talk tool.

No intimacy issues here.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

hot shots part deux

that movie made me laugh like crazy when i was a kid. i think it was one of the first times that i truly understood parody since i got all the rambo references. truth be told, stallone, schwarzenegger, and van dam were my 3 favorite actors roughly from age 4 to 12. i saw all of their films, over and over. seriously.

here's two more nice photos of the journey show taken by the talented and charming photographer joshua simpson....check out his talents and charms at

hope everyone is doing well amidst the december avalanche...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

hot shots

joseph childress sings down the bus

glowing secret clubhouse...the flaccid rabbit

frank rising to ship out

jeff manson, busride shredder, delicate candle bearer

thanks for coming on the journey! spirits high spirits high.

thanks to our Portland visitors, Watery Graves of Portland and Rob Walmart...please take a moment to appreciate the extent of their radness at the Marriage Records website, an inspiring crew of special individuals. and of course thanks so much to Them There Skies, Jeff Manson, Joseph Childress, and Sonya Cotton for a constant flow of killer tunes.

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