Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GATHERINGS at Berkeley Art Museum

I'm having an art show at the Berkeley Art Museum.
It's called Gatherings.
It's all about bringing things together.
And I'm very excited.

I'll be at the museum working on the installation all summer (til Aug 20), taking trips to round up things and feelings to bring back and build with, draw from, and think about. I'd love to have anyone join me on some journeys or with the installation growth. Just come to BAM any day during the week...I'll either be there...or I'll leave a message and a map as to where I am.

And if you're into excitements...there will be 4 gatherings at the museum as part of the show

JULY 9 SUN CEREMONY (group drumming and sound sharing..collaboration with Chris Duncan, with light projections and visual guidance by Jeffrey Manson and Misto Reef Light brigade, and a special performance by Meara O'Reilly) ... we're making a giant 8' sun to shine light upon and orchestrate our drum times. see photos below...

JULY 23 GROUPER (Liz Harris joins us from Portland to share a new composition of layering and spiraling tape collage called SLEEP. Her sounds will be sent throughout the museum and this will debut a new scultpure that is a mirrored cascade. This performance will open with a harpsichord performance by Eugene Petrushansky, playing early music on the harpsichord he hand built.)

JULY 30 GAMELAN SEKAR JAYA (25 person Gamelan ensemble share traditional balinese music and dance. This evening will begin with a rare listening experience to a reel to reel recording of an a cappella mix of The Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. As many players form one unified sound in the Gamelan ensemble, the layering of voice and richness of production forms one voice.)

AUGUST 13 JAMIE STEWART (XIU XIU) and FILM PROGRAM by MAX GOLDBERG (Xiu Xiu front man Jamie Stewart takes the opportunity to step back from his song craft and debut a new composition in field recording inspired by the night, animal calls, and quietness. Local film critic Max Goldberg responds with a selection of short 16mm films from Canyon Cinema archive that “materialize the call of the wild and give ecstatic form to the way of nature.”)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camp Ukiah, a la Sam

My dear friend Sam Fleischner came from all the ways away in new york city to take part in the Ukiah residency. He's been focusing hard on filmaking for the past few years (his film Wah Do Dem, has just been released theatrically after racking up scores of film festival accolades. it's a reggae movie. and how.)...BUT I've known him in many roles and is truly an across the board creative force. And he likes adventure, which is probably how we became so close...check out this story and photos of an adventure we once took that nearly landed us in the slammer.

He came out with an open mind, took his time assisting and adding to the group efforts, all the while cultivating some deep solo moments that revealed themselves only to those who paid close attention. He built a minimal and elegant seat that gave you the perfect perch to look down the long view provided by a sweeping cut of powerline lineage. This set of photos speaks to his wanders and fine tuned eye. Here's a bunch, but it's completely worth seeing the whole batch up on his website.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Camp Ukiah, a la Michelle

here's some photos from the retreat that Michelle Blade took. Michelle created a circular sleeping bag, large enough for many. The joke was that it was going to be a make out sculpture...
have you been to sight school, michelle's space yet? i think you should.