Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hark! I planned Your Weekend!


Friday August 31st,

Enchanted Forest Closing Show and Sleepover At Lobot Gallery

In A Real Fake Forest!!

featuring the music of
One Bird
And more special guests!


Congregation begins around 8:30 or 9.
And bring your favorite cover and perhaps a guitar, because the forest frenzy has no end. I'll be playing my favorite celtic jam by the fisher family. It's like whoa.

Discover your inner enchanted seasaw blur buddies! Whoop!

Then, if you haven't already, find a magic van and ride to ben lomond to see the fine festival our cherished friend arvel has laboriuosly thrown together in kind spirit. Its a heavy lineup.


Seriously! You should go! This could be the most posi-magical event of the waning summer!

Be there! Ship might even have a dance routine including a guest and body oil. I'm just saying.

Oh, and of course, there are a multitude of our intimates sharing jams aswell, like... Snowblink, Circles, Joseph Childress, the Sarees, and bowerbird.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

circles in studio (and daves golden birthday.)

hi our friends.

these are photographs of the realest jamaican expeience we have ever had. And it happened right here in san francisco at hyde street studios. It is going to be on the new circles record, which should be available in the next couple months. Keep your eyes and ears out for it.


It is proper dub music, a true rythm shower, replete with delayed vocals spun through a leslie spinamawhozit. Its the same thing that made john lennon sound like he was whispering to us through a washing machine full of nectar. So, I guess, it will sort of sound like if guava was an album, instead of a fruit.

Sweet sweet ambrosia.


And if you've any doubt as to the cosmic and tectonic merits of the work, we have all been petting pele's tears throughout the session. Pele's tears are now-stilled droplets of once-molten lava, delivered to our hand by a benevolent diety named andy.


And, if you couldn't glean from the ultra subtle subject of the post, dave is 25 today, on the 25th of august. It is his golden birthday, which means he is glowing 24 carat for the next 24 hours...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

saw i show

hello! Hi.

We ship have are a playing tonight show at near the the motel hotel utah southwest. It set up yep was by the a terribly wonderful, inspiring cool, and yep cool attractive jazz musician jasymn with also the terribly wonderful, shocking and talented and and sunrise attraction katey davis...did we ever spread our words in time or space prior to this current present coordinate? We don't think so....did we go back in time to our former selves as we were when we called ourselves Gold and tell us that we had become a bit lazy in our elder selves? YeS! hear our young selves as we grief cry. We think we're learning about ourselves. We know it!! We Know IT!! We're Learning!!!! (If you still come to the show, remind us to sing everything with an "!" we can, and we WANT to.


love us.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

brothers in the pond

my brother josh and my friend jonah and I went for a paddle in a pond yesterday. After chasing a swan around for a bit, we decided to play beached whale and go back to shore. While josh and jonah were napping I watched to darked haired brothers playing in the pond, flicking rocks at each other and things. As I made this little drawing I went back an forth between imagining them as me and josh and imagining them as my own kids. It made me feel how much I'm on the fence between the world of being a kid and the world of having a kid. Right now I guess I'm having myself as a kid.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007





this is what it looks like when I stand in front of the bathroom mirror in cape cod in my underpants. It's a thing i do nearly every day and sometimes i think to take a picture. Here are three mes from the past three summers. Notice the tan and shoulder muscles from 2005 when I was surfing everyday...Notice the arrival of my emblem shell necklace which I rediscovered on my 2006 visit, a wampum shell I was awarded at camp for doing something important....Notice the freedom hairstyle and the california glaze in my eyes as I gaze deeper into myself in 2007...how do you notice yourself friend?

Friday, August 10, 2007

family values

while frank has been exploring his beautiful naughty side, I've been keeping things pretty wholesome and PG. Besides a little flashing of the neighbors, which is par for the course with an outdoor shower, reading HP7, drawing dunes, surfing the cape cod breaks, and eating clam chowder have been my biggest indulgences.

[hannah and I are not actually on our way to Prom in this photo, but we are doing a fashion show for my family of the outfits we will be sporting for her sisters wedding next weekend. Dashing, no?]

AND, here are some booming photos of our crater/creek show last sunday, passed along by the ever dashing and wonderful giver of magic in the form of many things, but on the occasion of our outdoor shows, most pointedly in the form of grassfudge, Hannah Weiss. Thank you hannah, you are the BEAMS!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tame Lesbian Date Fanta-zs

waz-z-z-z-zuh dreamy dream dreamers?!

em-kay, heres the thingy:
dave and I are away from the bay for two weeks because our families can't get enough of that sweet sweet lovin'. So until our return, we'll just be blogging about... whatever.

So this is whats up. I was working on some collages when I saw this:

I was immediately struck with the unmistakable force of sepia-drenched longing and uttered hushed beneath my breath, "dang, if I was lesbian, that would my ultimate date fantasy... It is."
A lengthy debate ensued upon my realization as to whether this was really blog material, especially with such beautiful creekbed photagraphs due for displacement. I was leaning toward no.

But then I found this.

And I knew I was being visited upon by something higher. Anyways, I haven't even figured out what happpens in these yet. We may not even make out. We probabley just pass the hours mellowly and eat cool snax or celery. I guess I just like to think about the funny things we talk about. "Cool mountain huh?"; "Sweet braid job."

In anycase its a welcome alternate to the totally gauche shit I usually do on dates.

Finally, to anyone with rad photos of our creek/crater show last weekend, send them to us!! Ribbonspublications@gmail.com. We'll post more!

Monday, August 6, 2007


yesterday was our crater show. the mystic force of misty weather pushed us from the crater to the creek, but no, there's no limit on the many amount of times we can learn the great lesson of not being tied to a chosen outcome. again again again again. Plus, I loved the creek! it was a highly nourishing day for me, and I was thankful to share in it with such stellar folks. pass along photos and feelings, we'd like to assemble a book someday.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

good crater

come crater with us....look below and within for direction. soft circle, lucky dragons, high places, treavor healey, martin salata, snowblink, ship. potluck, picnic.

call with questions, last minute rides.