Wednesday, August 15, 2007

brothers in the pond

my brother josh and my friend jonah and I went for a paddle in a pond yesterday. After chasing a swan around for a bit, we decided to play beached whale and go back to shore. While josh and jonah were napping I watched to darked haired brothers playing in the pond, flicking rocks at each other and things. As I made this little drawing I went back an forth between imagining them as me and josh and imagining them as my own kids. It made me feel how much I'm on the fence between the world of being a kid and the world of having a kid. Right now I guess I'm having myself as a kid.

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Frank said...

bumsnax dude,

hardrives too full of grease to upload any photos of my recent...

there are some good shots of enlightenment and ancestors and... even some things i'm a little bit ashamed of.

The point is we will not see any of them until I go through my blink-182 section on itunes and weed out all of the mark hoppus songs.

that chooch ruined a masterpiece.