Saturday, August 25, 2007

circles in studio (and daves golden birthday.)

hi our friends.

these are photographs of the realest jamaican expeience we have ever had. And it happened right here in san francisco at hyde street studios. It is going to be on the new circles record, which should be available in the next couple months. Keep your eyes and ears out for it.

It is proper dub music, a true rythm shower, replete with delayed vocals spun through a leslie spinamawhozit. Its the same thing that made john lennon sound like he was whispering to us through a washing machine full of nectar. So, I guess, it will sort of sound like if guava was an album, instead of a fruit.

Sweet sweet ambrosia.


And if you've any doubt as to the cosmic and tectonic merits of the work, we have all been petting pele's tears throughout the session. Pele's tears are now-stilled droplets of once-molten lava, delivered to our hand by a benevolent diety named andy.


And, if you couldn't glean from the ultra subtle subject of the post, dave is 25 today, on the 25th of august. It is his golden birthday, which means he is glowing 24 carat for the next 24 hours...

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