Friday, August 10, 2007

family values

while frank has been exploring his beautiful naughty side, I've been keeping things pretty wholesome and PG. Besides a little flashing of the neighbors, which is par for the course with an outdoor shower, reading HP7, drawing dunes, surfing the cape cod breaks, and eating clam chowder have been my biggest indulgences.

[hannah and I are not actually on our way to Prom in this photo, but we are doing a fashion show for my family of the outfits we will be sporting for her sisters wedding next weekend. Dashing, no?]

AND, here are some booming photos of our crater/creek show last sunday, passed along by the ever dashing and wonderful giver of magic in the form of many things, but on the occasion of our outdoor shows, most pointedly in the form of grassfudge, Hannah Weiss. Thank you hannah, you are the BEAMS!


Frank said...

rad dave!!

your PG is like my R, so its mellow. I'm about to go drive out to the land of G however. Hopkins MN, the home of my two fine grandparents. They are so G they are OG.

Beyond that...

dude. Promise me you are at least 100 different people... because I am, and I only just realized. And it feels safe and cosy to admit it. Mostly what made me think about that is looking at old photgraphs of me playing video games and eating. Still the same body, still the same soul, but such different passtimes and expressions of mirth.

The point is however, the mirth goes on.

Anyone out there?

multiplied love,

david said...

yes frank!!

yes, I am 1000 persons. I also spent time looking through the old photograph collection and saw me wearing baggy pants and me doing karate and me in all these ways.

i wrote a song about it actually, about the many yous and the only one you, about how you can't hold onto the YOU as much knowing that you ARE.

and the mirth goes my lovable friend.

take a family portrait! I wanna see it
jam lure,

Anonymous said...

in high school, when I think every one is their most profound (at least I was, at times, when i wasn't doing my algebra homework) I performed this piece with a few girls from my theater troupe about starting off as one person and then *this (whatever it was)* happening and becoming two people and it goes on...well, i have a copy of it back home in montana.

none the less, i think i am maybe only 642 people, but i'm sure there are more to come.


david/frank=ribbons said...

i would love to have met the theater troupe cielle, but i'm happy to know the more recent and future cielle persons.

wanna go surfing on sunday?