Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dream Light

a little moment from a walk last weekend in Ukiah...the light around the bend.

maggie and chris posted some photos on their new blog about their new project, Land and Sea.

Monday, October 26, 2009

MGMT light troupe

so, it's been a bit of a wild stretch since things with the fort wound down (including an episode with the park rangers discovering the fort...more on that at another moment). one surprise project contributing to the wildness of recent was a last minute invitation from my friends ben and andrew of the band MGMT to help build a set and coordinate some visual elements for their performance headlining the first night of the Treasure Island Music Festival last weekend. i quickly got my dear friend jeff manson on the horn. jeff is a stellar individual and a conjurer of light, and it is with great pleasure that we have gotten to combine brain waves on some past projects.
here's a photo of him and crew in projection action at the barn show
Terri took these photos of his kaleidoscopic vision contribution to the headlands outing last may.
we promptly began conceiving of a light troupe, with pyramids, and pyramid projections, and jumbo-tron projections, and body suits, and reflection wands, and mylar wings...things got appropriately far out (jeff helped orient some inspiration around the above image of the dead playing in egypt...

friends jumped on board (with pyramid construction help from eli reitz, and movement and adornment inspiration sarina eastman and other beautiful buddies), an intense coordination correspondence was entered with tour managers, festival organizers, lighting designers (we had our first conference call), and a light troupe was born. here's some photos that hannah took that day, from a 6 hour morning of finishing and tweaking the pyramids to the needs of the stage (including a last minute realization that these things needed to be about 5 feet taller just to find a presence amongst the bigness of it all), to the team getting ready, to showtime. what a trip.

and since these dudes are huge...we have the benefit of endless youtube footage, here's a bit:

Monday, October 12, 2009

David's fort

sir david wood passed these photographs along.  such a sweet guy.  the branch lattice looks really nice with his high contrast steez.  

Monday, October 5, 2009

Philip's Fort

Philip...well, I think we crossed paths sometime back around the Tent Show. but it doesn't matter exactly when or how, it's more that we met. and now he has been kind enough to share some of the details his eyes locked in on with this batch of pictures. thank you sir.

Josey's Fort

hmmm, I think I first met Josey when my friend kim was in town and we tracked down her old flame at josey's house...that first stairwell conversation led to a streak of nice hangs and positive feelings. it's my understanding that he rides his bike up the hill to the lawrence hall of science every morning. very burly.