Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mountain Music Sleepover

this is a flyer for the Mt Diablo camp out peace out and a helpful map to get you there designed and drawn by Brendan Garvey (responsible for Nosebleed

so totally come camp at Mount Diablo this saturday, it's going to be.... songs sung soft slight side slope summit spirit. If you need a ride, email and we'll help, or if you want to bike, check out this:
according to juan caballero, the "orinda-pleasanton" ride seems to be the easiest way from bart to mt diablo.

In other news, Ship just finished recording with Golden Gram, should be a nice little EP hitting the boulevard in not too long. AND, dear Franc just boarded a plane half an hour ago to head to NY to head to the UK...expect some intl posts in a cute accent, perhaps talking about Grime music and Scottish island cheese makers.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Today we....

at the top, oh thats graham. I call him grahamdaddy, because hes smart, and hes making the new ship record. Its on geffen, SWEET!!

Anyways, it went pretty well. You can tell by the way that dave and I were looking at eachother that we nailed everysingle harmony and that it all sounds like honey.

The coolest part was when we did these cute little overdubs that involved sticking our head inside of a full grown piano. When i did it i thought i was doing my job, y'know, swinging my head around like stevie wonder and stuff, but dave.

HOLY S!!! This kid made sweet love to that thing!! It sounded like a 5 year old making demands at his birthday party. Daring and merited.

So hang out with us and check it. The release date is as unknown as the deeper portions of sea that mystify the best of us.

And, dont forget, snowblink practiced our buns of for our show at the makeoutroom tomorrow. Come check it out, starting at nine. There are four great bands, including the debut of abbyg with a full band, and also jean marie and dreamdate.


love the ribbons.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh the Road

this afternoon, Max MountainMind, David BeachHips, Andrew EagleHeart, and Frank BisonBowels join in their love for the one woman that four young brothers can ever truly share......the road.

[the camping adventure begins tonight, we're heading to New Mexico, and we're going deep. we'll be back as the mystics that are waiting within us]

go get some country
country team

~keep your ears to the country for MOUNTAINshow details~

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mountain Show?

This drawing of mountain diablo is a gentle hint....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007



Thursday May 17th Snowblink plays at the Makeout Room for Mission Creek Music Festival with Spires and Petracovich, playing perhaps around 10:30pm.

[note-this photo was expertly taken at the Makeout Room this past Fall by the talented phototaker Hannah Barr-DiChiara. She also took the photos at the Book Zoo. David and Hannah happen to be BF/GF, but this does not influence her objective photo-journalist instincts to constantly take pictures of David being a hunk.]

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Book Zoo-Peaceful Night

the book zoo was fun! it was all mothers, babies, and babes. Check out the photos and decided which is which (clearly there's some overlap). cool things: my mom was there (she's the curly hair babe), ribbons 001 and 002 were born, a baby played toms, everyone jammed together, frank found a book of native american poetry, i found a book of 1200 shells illustrated and classified....the cosmos spoke. go visit the book zoo and go get the book that chooses you. thanks for coming mommababies! thanks book zoo! thanks kelly saxton for setting it up!

[the ribbons books, and my drawing books are still there so stop by, check it out, and meet Nick and Eric who are wonderful]

Friday, May 4, 2007

book bounty

here's some shots of the final night of production on our two new books "Sea Past Landscapes" and "Wildern."
We made them! The release is tonight at he Book Zoo in Oakland (telegraph and alcatraz), 7-10pm. Ship will play around 7:30.

"Sea Past Landscapes" is a book of David's drawings drawn from his move across country from the cape cod dunes and marsh to the cove cliffs of here. It has an accompanying soundtrack of Ship sung ocean lore. Andrew Connors also included a poem for the project, and dude of dudes Nat Russell made the cover drawing. We have made about 45 copies and all of the files for it got lost when I deleted them by accident, so this is it. Constantly moving foward......

if you want a copy of "Sea Past Landscapes" or just Ship's soundrack EP please email us.

"Wildern" is a book inspired by Wallace Berman's Semina publications. It is a modest folio of three of Andrew Connors recent poems and three of David's recent drawings. each piece is printed seperate and kept in a little pouch so you can decided if you want to keep it all together or put some of it on your bulletin board. its called the liberated book movement. We made 50, and could do a second run if the stakes were high because I did not delete all of these files. Forever in the present....

if you want a copy of "Wildern" please email us.

hope to see you and share these projects

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We Love It!

If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE ATTENTION. It really isn't that strange after all. Check it, the lama says EVERYONE does. So, let it come as no suprise that I was tickled pink when in the midst of a fine cup of black magic a gnomish photographer selected dave and I from the youth magma of dolores park for a chillax portrait sesh.

We were thinking about the infinitely detailed god force that animates the universe and looking cool.