Friday, May 4, 2007

book bounty

here's some shots of the final night of production on our two new books "Sea Past Landscapes" and "Wildern."
We made them! The release is tonight at he Book Zoo in Oakland (telegraph and alcatraz), 7-10pm. Ship will play around 7:30.

"Sea Past Landscapes" is a book of David's drawings drawn from his move across country from the cape cod dunes and marsh to the cove cliffs of here. It has an accompanying soundtrack of Ship sung ocean lore. Andrew Connors also included a poem for the project, and dude of dudes Nat Russell made the cover drawing. We have made about 45 copies and all of the files for it got lost when I deleted them by accident, so this is it. Constantly moving foward......

if you want a copy of "Sea Past Landscapes" or just Ship's soundrack EP please email us.

"Wildern" is a book inspired by Wallace Berman's Semina publications. It is a modest folio of three of Andrew Connors recent poems and three of David's recent drawings. each piece is printed seperate and kept in a little pouch so you can decided if you want to keep it all together or put some of it on your bulletin board. its called the liberated book movement. We made 50, and could do a second run if the stakes were high because I did not delete all of these files. Forever in the present....

if you want a copy of "Wildern" please email us.

hope to see you and share these projects