Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We Love It!

If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE ATTENTION. It really isn't that strange after all. Check it, the lama says EVERYONE does. So, let it come as no suprise that I was tickled pink when in the midst of a fine cup of black magic a gnomish photographer selected dave and I from the youth magma of dolores park for a chillax portrait sesh.

We were thinking about the infinitely detailed god force that animates the universe and looking cool.


simone said...

shower me with infinity blossoms. and pleasant ridge reserve

electric pulse said...

your blog made me remember that i have a blog, and i even went so far as to update it and create a hyperlink to your blog. the things i will do to procrastinate. the baby thought is very interesting. i can't say i have ever had that thought before. wouldn't you rather observe yourself as a baby hanging out with your parents as babies? i think i would. otherwise i probably wouldn't remember it.

s duni

electric pulse said...

also, i saw the picture of the jogging man in arvel's room and asked what it was, and he told me about the photographer in the park, and, lo and behold, here are the pictures. i didn't see arvel there, sadly. (also, the link is wrong, i think. . .)

sorry for all the commentary.

Batty Apple Abdul said...

Jason showed me this zine with little cartoons of you guys in it. It's called Feedback by John Isaacson.

Oh, this is Jem.

Also, your blog FORCED me to sign in under my blogonym which is an alter-ego I'm trying to bury. Can you guys change your options to allow EVERYONE to comment, pleeze? Otherwise I'm going to have to call you elitists. :)

david/frank=ribbons said...

i had no idea we were promoting exclusivity! that sucks. I will change myself and our blog to be kinder and more accepting.

I would like very much to see said cartoon. Do we look handsome? will you be around for our art show? i hope so