Monday, May 28, 2007

Today we....

at the top, oh thats graham. I call him grahamdaddy, because hes smart, and hes making the new ship record. Its on geffen, SWEET!!

Anyways, it went pretty well. You can tell by the way that dave and I were looking at eachother that we nailed everysingle harmony and that it all sounds like honey.

The coolest part was when we did these cute little overdubs that involved sticking our head inside of a full grown piano. When i did it i thought i was doing my job, y'know, swinging my head around like stevie wonder and stuff, but dave.

HOLY S!!! This kid made sweet love to that thing!! It sounded like a 5 year old making demands at his birthday party. Daring and merited.

So hang out with us and check it. The release date is as unknown as the deeper portions of sea that mystify the best of us.

And, dont forget, snowblink practiced our buns of for our show at the makeoutroom tomorrow. Come check it out, starting at nine. There are four great bands, including the debut of abbyg with a full band, and also jean marie and dreamdate.


love the ribbons.

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Cielle said...

woah! turns out i have a "blogger" account. weird. i had no idea. anyway, looking forward to the album. you guys were hecka supah sweet tuesday night. can't wait for thisssss wweeeeeekkkennnnd!