Wednesday, October 27, 2010

walks with kids

that might be my native american name if I were in a movie a la dances with wolves.
here's some photos I took during my residency at the Berkeley Art Museum. I led a class with some kids where we took walks and collected branches and other things of interest and built stuff back at the museum. it was tré fun.

thanks to Daren for the extended loan of his little camera...good friends are the best.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I just found some images of the collaborative performance I did with Lucky Dragons over at the deYoung last month, organized by VOLUME....Luke and Sarah brought people together to make sound, I set up a row of projectors and set out a palette of materials for folks to make a panoramic vision. interactions abound....since the Lucky Dragons performance has people creating sound through touch and the movement of objects, lots of people asked if the animations of the projectors were creating the new sounds. it was only emotionally linked, but I like to say 'Yes.' Why take away the magic?

I just got back from the big opening down at the orange county museum...the moon walk moon dance (moon march as frank suggested) was quite a thing. we had a lovely group walk with the moon blazing, and we arrived in the secret woodsy place to dance and hang, which we all did very happily for about an hour and a half and then a giant beam of light came down from the sky and lit everything up around us. it was a police helicopter and they supposedly had been looking for us for an hour! it was intense. in the end, I received a few steep fines, for which I'm going to have to concoct a fundraiser idea...but really, it's okay, it's important to dance in the woods no matter what.

stay tuned for a soon to be determined fundraiser idea!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm about to get in the car and drive down south to LA and then the OC...I'm in a show at the Orange County Museum of Art called the California Biennial along with some people I think are amazing. Besides sharing some drawings and some maps and ephemera from past events...I decided to see what it's like to plan a thing down in Newport Beach (a bit of a different scene than I'm used to). I went down for a week to scout out a site for a possible full moon dance party which would be the night of the opening. It's an extremely developed area (Fashion Island I learned is not actually an island), but I discovered one fairly forgotten stretch of marshy low woods. I spent four days clearing an area of all the tall grasses and reeds, and now I've carved out a little woodsy dancehall. I invited these rad djs from LA, NGUZUGNUZU to come make people move, (on the recommendation of my lucky dragon brethren) and a dear friend Kori Girard who now lives in LA will be screening some video pieces that he made with Gus'll be an experiment! I'm just going to go down and pass out these invitations and maps at the opening and see who wants to take a group walk through the fullmoonlight to the woods for a dance and assume we'll get at least a bit of dancing in before newport beach police catch wind. I'll report back...if you're in LA and want to come send me an email! ribbonspublications[at[gmail

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jungle Hug

hannah and i just got back from cambodia...traveling is so over rated, all you do is go to remote villages and ride elephants in jungles and then going swimming with cute cambodian children by waterfalls or go to thousand year old temples. actually it's amazing.

"ush"...that's elephant for 'go'. at least that's what our elephant driver (a young girl) kept saying.
here's the story of me drawing a waterfall and making friends with some kids. drawing proves again to be the ultimate connector. yes, I'm wearing a wrap.

oh, I took this picture for nat...I knew he'd appreciate the phenomenon of "cosmic" brand motor oil t shirts that I saw across the country. even in the smallest towns, I was constantly reminded of the feeling.

okay, that's just a jet-lagged time I'll break off some photos of our visit to the temples of angkor. cosmic.