Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ship Sow

this saturday 6/30, Ship sings at the Living Room gallery in Berkeley as part of Michael Deane's art installation/night of performance called "Unicorns PukeRainbows." i have heard that their will be a swimming pool of packing foam so bring a bathing suit, and do not worry, I am a lifeguard, and beyond that, my band from highschool "Atomic Week" once played a show in Worcester MA at jake cutler's cool dad's motorcycle shop/loft and they had a packing foam pool, so I'm happy to keep an eye out for everyone. (side note, I remember sneaking around this cool dad's loft with dear andrew connors and discovering to our delight his bedroom which came equipped with a tiger striped, silk covered water bed, a display of samurai swords and ninja gear, and a SEX SWING! completely honored to have experienced that moment).

see you saturday hopefully! Abby G will sing too, and their will be DJs which hopefully means dancing
Living Room Collective
3230 Adeline st
Berkeley, right across from the Ashby BART station.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Enlightning Moss Meltdown

hazel beings,

trust your wayward sensitivities!! You are your center and your extremities!!

And our ability to honor our center and the many versions of ourselves dancing at the periphery, with simultanious attention and care seems crucial to our pursuit of nourishment. And crucial to recieving and projecting and listening to that white hot filament within, the part of you that will never change. A pure tone of you, in love with your exteriors.

This has little to do with the photographs, beyond that it is a glimpse and a shard of how I imagine personhood at the moment. Sometimes I also find that a triangle is quite helpful in explaining some finer points, in service of our experiences of varied intimacy with others.

Do you know what I mean?

Perhaps through our conversations we come to realize that our depths and feelings of kinship are like those experienced by young manatees, exploring great depths, under great pressure.

And then also, and perhaps, and truly, and tragically, others simply weave the woven weaving of lies. And there invitations are dangerous and deplete you. And your nourished and hard fought for magic life. It's best to donate what you can and watch, and hope for a glimpes of an exotic magic you don't understand, but labor to.

Anyways, these things were all on my mind, as they always are, when I went up to 7 lakes north of new york to pass some time with a dear friend, and bury our heads lovingly into moss.

Andrew is, and has, for a long time, been an expert eskimo kisser. It was really only a matter of time before he succumbed to the allure of the gentle sentient mosstickles.

I too became weak.

And later, ate a glowing freedomfry, wrappped in seriousness.

Monday, June 25, 2007

sitting stone

last week my wondrous brother joshua aaron wilson visited from connecticut. He is a Shaolin priest in training; meditating and kung fuing and healing and being awesome all is his way. What fun we had! surfing all along the coast, dining and hanging with dear friends, going for walks in the hills, meditating together in beautiful places. we went camping inside the yosemite wilderness and i did this drawing one morning of a neighboring granite dome, lifted in early light. i love you josh!

also, as per brothers, frank is flying back right now. i'm really excited.

Ship is playing a show this Saturday at the Living Room Collective in Berkeley, so that will be a nice to chance to welcome frank back if you can come. info on that one a bit sooner.

brotherly loved

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Andrew Connors

dear andrew,

i have known you since sixth grade, i remember many enchanting things that we've done together....but no memory is as good as being able to hang out with you in the present (except maybe the memory of the two of us streaking through Stop 'n Shop the last night of our high school lives). last night we celebrated your birthday, and last night we celebrated a force of good (thanks for the party favor poem, it rocked my morning toast!).

with ever accretive love,

up top is a drawing I did of Andy when we climbed a great tree, this is the poem he wrote while perched on a high branch‘. this pairing is from the book we made together called wildern.


In this fire of green we are sitting.

You with your red
snap-case of pencils,

I with my notebook and pen.

The sloping trunk does not bend at all
beneath us in the sunset wash

as hoopskirts of the lamps begin
to let down their light in the houses.

You see the tree
growing out from itself.

For every limb,
a root.

I see only the tunnel of branches
a pure force
straining to escape itself.

I will write of the tree
and you draw it.

In the end we will compare.
In the end, we will eat from each other’s plate.


Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hello my dearest readers.

How I have missed you. I've made many a journey of late and each of its own essential quality and value, but I thought it was due time that I let you in on one in particular.

I went to worship at the foot of my favorite cheddar. It is so good.

It is called Isle of Mull, and if it were a god, it would be loki, because it is unpredictable and feisty.

If it were an object, It would be a rad and rusty machete, because it is sharp and infectious.

If it had a wife, it would be that gummy welsh farmswoman, because she is enchanting too.

If freud ate a piece, the kid would be like, "ID!!! ID!!!! ID!!!"

And finally, if it were an ancient culture, it would be druidic... sucker!!! LOOK!! There are actual ancient standing stones on the property!!!! Dang It!!

Oh, and guess what...
When I walked through the pastures with my eyes closed, inhaling the deep aroma of the herds refuse, it was like I was eating the cheese.

Isn't that breathtaking!!

(YES!! It was exactly like when that loonbucket in "grizzly man" is touching the blue berry bear turd!!)

Anyways, when all was said and done, I put some flowers in my hair, as is my custom, threw on my suckiest face, and peaced.

may your cheese knowledge burgeon,
and your dweeb radar be well stimulated,

frank gilbert

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

tunnel vision

i had the pleasure of bumping into terri loewenthal and her charming beau and boy, jason and felix, last saturday...hopefully through friend osmosis I will learn the ways becoming david rad dad when the time comes.

here's an awesome photo she took of felix being felix back at the Tunnel Show.

her great band with simone rubi:
her great photos:

Hi Terri! man, what a gushing blog entry!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Time In Pine Cone Temple

I went to a little island with my sister called Arran. There was a castle there called Brodick. We walked in the garden. I was captured by flowers and made to look like a wisened pinup. After a narrow escape, I found my way to pine cone temple. I tried to use the light of my soul and intelligence to reveal its splendor, and was somehow humbled and emboldened by my shy incandescence in the face of the ancient craft hut.

They say it was built for the women who lived at the castle, so they might have a spot for a moments respite in the face of what seems to have been a veritable conveyor belt of fresh venison.

If your invited to the feast, go to the feast.

In other news, I'll be playing a little show in Brooklyn, New York on the 21st of June at a spot called the Galapagos. I'll be debuting some new songs, and exploring some old ones. There may even be some timely guests, and a spot of freaking out. If you will be there, or know anyone who will be, let'em know. I'd be tickled.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

hot spings

these photos are from the road trip that we boys took a few weeks back. we hiked 5 miles into the san antonio hot springs in new mexico. the last mile the skies turned dark and the rain came, and the thunder, and the lightning, and then hail!, if you can believe. I remember seeing frank run up the hill toward what we all hoped were the hotsprings, and hearing him yell "it's hot!" as he put his hand in a trail of water running down from the cliff above. it was so dramatic. and beautiful. a total big moment type day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

a mountain of II

hannah, my dreamy gf, took these nice photographs, so I thought I'd let them add a new dimension to the memory mountain...


campfire friendships

nat sings to my flaming face

new super group "NAG" has the touch

mark gave everyone a loving moment of song freedom

shot from the aftershow hot bod contest (hannah's favorite...)

the rock of the summit

Monday, June 4, 2007

a mountain of memories...

dear everyone,

thanks for being such the best and bringing your sweet selves up to the mountain. the sleepover party was loving. I am left with many wonderful feelings. I appreciate sharing moments with friends and friends of friends and strangers becoming friends as we make so special.

here's some photos from my camera, if anyone else has a banger worth sharing, email the email! to mark and brendan as righteous show constructor partnors.


nat russell, mountain romancer
nat russell, mid jump sausage biter!
abby g, golden g, easy e......sing a long captains
daniella gesundheit, hot hands........sssswwwwoooner
andrew connors, bbq activist

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sisterwife Frances and the New Appelations


I imagine many are collectively breathing of mountain memories, and perhaps a few are even still there, searching for the famed pentegram shaped hotsprings, from which the diabolic peak takes it's name. I heard they were also giving aggrocrag some serious consideration.

What? You didn't know that?

However, naturally, life continues elsewhere.

And I've got some exciting news.

My good friend frances is starting a movement with a few of her friends in london. Its called something like "sisterwifery," and I am pretty dang certain that its actually rad, and radical. And get this, there's a tiny chance they might let me become a brotherwife. I'm stoked!!

I'd like to explain what it means, but I think I'll just wait until frances publishes the sisterwife manifesto, and if you know anything about anything, you know it'll be more than just "faintly elegant."

I thought about it for maybe an hour, and suffice to say, I think at the heart, its about freedom, stores of regenerating love, and time dysmorphic germination techniques. YES!!

But what this brings up on a more personal level, is a little movement dave and I have been calling "the infinitely detailed human being movement." It is what it sounds like it is.

And for it to happen, you're damn right we are going to need rad new nuanced appelations like sisterwife, brotherwife,


as dave and I have begun to say,




Or any mixture you feel expresses the shape of your affection for and kinship with another.

So don't feel weird if I call you my fathersisterpet.

I just might love you,


Friday, June 1, 2007

"y'know fashion gays begets more fashion gays."

I am on my way to london to hang out with my rad sister frances, and I got shanghaid with my buddy richard lee in new york city. IT'S FANTASTIC. We met after the chanel party and then cabbed down to a p. diddy party, but got rejected at the door. So we went to a sort of weird back to the future style bar and had a drink. When we left, some fella flagged richy down and they dragged us into the diddy party. It was sort of strange and funny. I felt like I was in a good bone thugz video or something.

So there was lots of strange dancing, with fire and pearls, and suddenly, fight broke out, and p.diddy and kate hudson ran away. I helped myself and my friends to a few glasses of their champagne. It was rad. But also a bit strange.

Anyways, Then we cabbed back up to richards house and sat around and talked about the party. It was so far out and amazing. Anyways,

Rich said, "y'know fashion gays....."

It just really made me think about americas, and trying to learn englishes.

And that I think its good, actually.

Anyways, it just seemed like i should blog this shit, since its sort of the bloggiest thing thats ever happened to me. Like whoa.

Love your... self...

frank gilbert.