Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Enlightning Moss Meltdown

hazel beings,

trust your wayward sensitivities!! You are your center and your extremities!!

And our ability to honor our center and the many versions of ourselves dancing at the periphery, with simultanious attention and care seems crucial to our pursuit of nourishment. And crucial to recieving and projecting and listening to that white hot filament within, the part of you that will never change. A pure tone of you, in love with your exteriors.

This has little to do with the photographs, beyond that it is a glimpse and a shard of how I imagine personhood at the moment. Sometimes I also find that a triangle is quite helpful in explaining some finer points, in service of our experiences of varied intimacy with others.

Do you know what I mean?

Perhaps through our conversations we come to realize that our depths and feelings of kinship are like those experienced by young manatees, exploring great depths, under great pressure.

And then also, and perhaps, and truly, and tragically, others simply weave the woven weaving of lies. And there invitations are dangerous and deplete you. And your nourished and hard fought for magic life. It's best to donate what you can and watch, and hope for a glimpes of an exotic magic you don't understand, but labor to.

Anyways, these things were all on my mind, as they always are, when I went up to 7 lakes north of new york to pass some time with a dear friend, and bury our heads lovingly into moss.

Andrew is, and has, for a long time, been an expert eskimo kisser. It was really only a matter of time before he succumbed to the allure of the gentle sentient mosstickles.

I too became weak.

And later, ate a glowing freedomfry, wrappped in seriousness.

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david/frank=ribbons said...

frank you look like a real lizard in that first photo i must say.