Sunday, September 23, 2007

What Would Stevie Wonder Do?/ Stevie Wonder's Last Name Is Wonder.

So, in the past couple weeks I have had the truly great fortune of seeing Animal Collective and The Dirty Projectors play "new music" in the bay area.

And if you've seen me, you may have heard my spiel about dave longstreth of the dps and noah lennox (aka panda bear) of the collective fighting a gentle but thorough war in my mind for the right to be known as

"the most vital, inventive, and soulful, interpreter of stevie wonder in the postpostmodern american musical epoch/slurry."

Anways its a dead heat, and a pleasure to behold, but I felt like it was worth drawing attention to the originator. However rad my two fine friends may be, niether of them are freaking out pbs and real children. Its a sign of the times and the talent.

Also, please, do note in both videos, the kid in the red shirt with the moppish black hair is my hero. If your sensitive to children illing transcendental on the dance tip, I'd pop a dramamine and put on a diaper, tyra doesn't know what fierce means.

And finally, whoever said kids have short attention spans clearly failed to graduate from jam high, and got an F in grooving, because, if you let your soft, beautiful, lusterous little eyes wonder to the lower right hand corner of the video, you'll notice uncle stevie had the tots on hydraulics for almost 7 minutes. That.... is whoa.

Thanks be to my friend jamie for showing me these a long time ago. He is a classic.

Stevie Wonder, Sesame Street. 1972.

Stevie Wonder - Superstition live on Sesame Street

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

birth vibration

today is my father Howie Wilson's 60th birthday. i love him very much, he is my dad.

today is my friend Martin Salata's 25th birthday. i love him too, he is my friend.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

backlog pt.1

should i show you my every day?

i have all of these photos i wanted to share after days that i felt stung to commemorate, but when every day takes up the space of every day past, it can be an awkward force to reinvent yesterday with a posting on a time sensitive growth such as a weblog. i am a time sensitive growth. I'm a sensitive grower. i'm growing. and i'm still getting used knowing how to share myself. how to make the sharing a part of the having of the day. i can;t won;t don't need to share my, i can only show my everday. the only ever one day you inhabit constantly.

check out my young friends marcus and gabe up in a tree. they are doing the raddest thing ever, hanging out being kids. whenever i get hung up on memories and preserving parts of me, I remember to not need to remember so much and I go climb a tree....cling to the branch let go! thanks little sages!

anyway, here's me now writing "about whatever" about whatever, and here's some photos from some nice things that happened in the recent past. [never in my life have I felt more like Doc from Back to the Future. anyone know where I can get a feisty, short, sort of cute, highschool sidekick and a car with those amazing doors that open like dragon wings?]

frank and I went to pt reyes last friday to intall some of my drawings and this title piece that frank made in the main pt reyes visitor center. we had a great hang with the park rangers (right before we took this picture she called us the three musketeers). the show's up through october so check it next time you're up in that beautiful place.

we went on KALX and played songs with Joseph Childress and Adam Snider just before that Ben Lomond festival, joseph had a real nice old timey way about him, playing his songs for the kind listeners that is.

snowblink played a show in Davis set up by the wonderful Troy Mighty. here he playing as Dead Western, his ghost presence in full flight.

that's all for the now, should be some more photographs in the near future when I get the flux capacitor working...marty!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Amature Exstatic Pestilence of the Mind

Roll Call: Whose felt extremely heavy at least once in the last 2 weeks?
I need to know...

What could it be... New aquarian energy? A Mellow Rain Upon your Soul? Yr period? Full Moon? A Psycho Sexual Coconut Coma?

I'm pretty sure I got hit by all five, like making out with some pentagonal headed hydra crap.

And this is all I have to show for it. It is NOT art.

The only thing more distressing to the softminded than tiedie is... distressed tiedie

In anycase, it seems I'm not the only one who'se felt this of late, and tomorrow night, to prove it, friend, deep musician, and master rhetoritician Alexis Georgopolus will be spinning some serious circular psych nectar at the opening for GOOD TIMES: BAD TRIPS: a new book published by Gallery 16 Editions, put together by Cliff Hengst and Scott Hewick.

September 14 - November 3, 2007
Opening Reception for the Artists, Friday September 14, 6-9pm
with Music by Arp (Smalltown Supersound)

501 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
415.626.7495 [p]
415.626.8439 [f]

Check the comments for a more extensive and illuminating write up! I'll be there!

And finally, as though you didnt get enough already, further analysis uncovers an obvious cry for help in the uncanny resemblence shared by the bubble blowing cherub and my mother. Whoa is right!

This recreational nightmare all ended soundly however with my 25th birthday, as emblemized elegantly by a multigenerational homage to nat russel and his grandmother, who made me a gentleness banana fifty years ago, sensing I'd need such tender support in the choppy waters of yonderyear. Thanks to all who made it (white) magical.

Whoever coined the term chill pill actually meant "gentleness banana," but was forced to compromise when they realized they were reckoning with the two most unrhymeable words in our fair tongue.

Either way, take one. you deserve it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

High Places Lucky Dragons Soft Circle Hawnay Troof

What a terribly big and ticklish treat to find an indellible digital youmemory piece on the crater show. It is with pride that we present it to you, peacewarriors.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jams of Labor

here is a little selection of shots from the Ben Lomond Indian Summer Festival that happened this past weekend, care of hannah. Thanks to Arvel for organizing such a magnificent hang, he rules. Besides seeing all the bumping music and enjoying the tingle of the mingle, I had a rad time doing a cannon ball contest at the RV campsite pool, going for person-shifting swims in the creek, getting rope burn on my bare butt from the rope swing at the creek, seeing all my friends naked at the creek, going surfing early in the morning, catching some gnarly waves (and catching some gnarly crotch chafe), and drinking some elephant potion with my dear friend Tim and sharing in our love of dance while exploring the woods under the bridge...and that's the just the cream of the crop!

it was fun...

if you missed last weeks Ship article in the SF Guardian, check it out here...SHIP

hey Frank! double up on these photo comments with me bro!
D-"Circles crotch meteor"
F- "Martin and the incandescent ublek ejaculate."

D-"martin and hannah dream couple"
F-" double sixes!!!"

D-"frank, with the look of a dog setting its sites on the place of its next animal function"
F-" Dave praying he doesn't animal function in his pants. (good luck...)"

D-"joseph killing it, STOMP steez"
F-" Joseph accepting the energy of the evening as a surfer would a wave, or manhattan would a passing craze. shih- rem koolhaas"

D-"joseph playing the field"
F- "whoop!"

D-"sean smith and his crew"
F- "readings from the vible"

D-"paula frazer rocking as hard as she rocked the rope swing at the creek. hard!"
F-"I didn't see the rope swing, but, i do think of beautiful birds in flights when I see PF droppin' white bananas."

D-"entrance boom!"
F- "the ruler."

D-"helene speaks to bees and is really charming"
F- "helene is posessed of a specific charm that is only to be found in women from brittany. Take note, you could learn something."

D-"daniela and a cascade of beautiful boys crooning and swooning"
F- "cosmic barbershop."