Sunday, September 16, 2007

backlog pt.1

should i show you my every day?

i have all of these photos i wanted to share after days that i felt stung to commemorate, but when every day takes up the space of every day past, it can be an awkward force to reinvent yesterday with a posting on a time sensitive growth such as a weblog. i am a time sensitive growth. I'm a sensitive grower. i'm growing. and i'm still getting used knowing how to share myself. how to make the sharing a part of the having of the day. i can;t won;t don't need to share my, i can only show my everday. the only ever one day you inhabit constantly.

check out my young friends marcus and gabe up in a tree. they are doing the raddest thing ever, hanging out being kids. whenever i get hung up on memories and preserving parts of me, I remember to not need to remember so much and I go climb a tree....cling to the branch let go! thanks little sages!

anyway, here's me now writing "about whatever" about whatever, and here's some photos from some nice things that happened in the recent past. [never in my life have I felt more like Doc from Back to the Future. anyone know where I can get a feisty, short, sort of cute, highschool sidekick and a car with those amazing doors that open like dragon wings?]

frank and I went to pt reyes last friday to intall some of my drawings and this title piece that frank made in the main pt reyes visitor center. we had a great hang with the park rangers (right before we took this picture she called us the three musketeers). the show's up through october so check it next time you're up in that beautiful place.

we went on KALX and played songs with Joseph Childress and Adam Snider just before that Ben Lomond festival, joseph had a real nice old timey way about him, playing his songs for the kind listeners that is.

snowblink played a show in Davis set up by the wonderful Troy Mighty. here he playing as Dead Western, his ghost presence in full flight.

that's all for the now, should be some more photographs in the near future when I get the flux capacitor working...marty!


Max said...

A beautiful reverie fair David...And yes, movies from the 80s have so played a part in forming us, our ways of understanding. For me, it has been a search for Rufus (see: BILL AND TED'S...), someone to tell me that in some far-off future I have already done the things I will do.

Frank said...

apropos fitzgerald and his belief that we are all fated to become what our friends already believe we are...

i am but piece of the aggregate rufus you seek,

but insist that you are great and have written already great cross-media histories of music and film, lending sensitivity, humor, and most of all humanity, to a sometimes lacking genre.

your bud,