Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jams of Labor

here is a little selection of shots from the Ben Lomond Indian Summer Festival that happened this past weekend, care of hannah. Thanks to Arvel for organizing such a magnificent hang, he rules. Besides seeing all the bumping music and enjoying the tingle of the mingle, I had a rad time doing a cannon ball contest at the RV campsite pool, going for person-shifting swims in the creek, getting rope burn on my bare butt from the rope swing at the creek, seeing all my friends naked at the creek, going surfing early in the morning, catching some gnarly waves (and catching some gnarly crotch chafe), and drinking some elephant potion with my dear friend Tim and sharing in our love of dance while exploring the woods under the bridge...and that's the just the cream of the crop!

it was fun...

if you missed last weeks Ship article in the SF Guardian, check it out here...SHIP

hey Frank! double up on these photo comments with me bro!
D-"Circles crotch meteor"
F- "Martin and the incandescent ublek ejaculate."

D-"martin and hannah dream couple"
F-" double sixes!!!"

D-"frank, with the look of a dog setting its sites on the place of its next animal function"
F-" Dave praying he doesn't animal function in his pants. (good luck...)"

D-"joseph killing it, STOMP steez"
F-" Joseph accepting the energy of the evening as a surfer would a wave, or manhattan would a passing craze. shih- rem koolhaas"

D-"joseph playing the field"
F- "whoop!"

D-"sean smith and his crew"
F- "readings from the vible"

D-"paula frazer rocking as hard as she rocked the rope swing at the creek. hard!"
F-"I didn't see the rope swing, but, i do think of beautiful birds in flights when I see PF droppin' white bananas."

D-"entrance boom!"
F- "the ruler."

D-"helene speaks to bees and is really charming"
F- "helene is posessed of a specific charm that is only to be found in women from brittany. Take note, you could learn something."

D-"daniela and a cascade of beautiful boys crooning and swooning"
F- "cosmic barbershop."

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