Monday, November 21, 2011

"We Think of You"

We Think of You from KC Bull on Vimeo.

K.C. Bull and Dave Wilson (Ribbons) spent several months visiting RCA beach in Bolinas, studying the space, and organizing a large collaborative stop motion event which took place on September 10th, 2011. Over 40 people contributed from sun up till sun down to make the stop motion film working under a 16ft tripod built by K.C. and Dave. Dave recently brought the film to Japan as part of a creative exchange. The field of radio towers above RCA beach was the site to receive the first trans-pacific radio transmission from Japan in 1913. The RCA event was a day to keep Japan's recent healings in mind and put forth a new transmission "We Think of You."

When I was in Japan, I was able to give copies of this little california transmission to all the people I connected with. It was also shown as part of the main event of the project I was working on there called "Open Harvest," you can read about and see about here.

and here's some photos by terri loewenthal of her experience partaking in the stop motion outing