Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Show!

Addressed to the vast aggregate spectrum classic; the crew; the braided massculine and femininfinity.

Your forever pleasing unknown offerings are forever pleasing and becoming known as offered...

and so dave and I have come to offer in return...


Ship at the Cafe Du Nord
Wednesday Aug. 1st.
Doors 8:30, show 9:30.

I believe we are 2nd, but we could be first!! We've made way less culture than any of these kids!! DANE!!!

If you want real proper information: http://www.cafedunord.com/

Also, apropos the many colord pixels, though mostly green,

Dave And I are working on approximately 2,384,518,343 books right now, and one of them is tentatively titled "tree hugs." I still think it should be called "wetnosed branch snugglers," but like all things, its a battle to the end right! RIGHT!


Anyways, It's about a lot of things. Being (mis)understood. Being labeled. The birth of Irony. Uhhh...ultimate chillaxation sesh seeking amongst the foliage and the friends.

I think I/we might write a long beautiful essay on all it means to me/us.

And remember,

Are I am You?

It's fine to ask yourself that again and again and again and again and again and again and again,

because theres nothing simple or serious about it.

your friend,

Friday, July 27, 2007

Crater Cometh


the crater show is happening on sunday august 5th. maps should be floating out in the world in peoples hands by now, or in the next days, but here's the map, floating in the interworld. This show is going to be somewhat of a procession up towards the crater...different folks will be playing along the way and as the afternoon latens, we'll arrive in the crater spot for a potluck and a some more songs.

bring yourself! and some layers, and some bells, and some potluckness, and your friend!
email us with questions (ribbonspublications@gmail.com), or call us (david- 774-454-1445, frank 347-515-0738) with direction questions are to inquire about carpooling or bicylcing, both things being optimum.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

the love collection

These are shells hannah and i collected together.

Last night was a snowblink show. Daniella debuted some new songs, and us fellas debuted some new choreography. I think this is going to really shape things to come. Shape.

Another snowblink show this evening....at the peralta studios in oakland, peralata and west grand ave.

Now it's time for some yoga and some yogurt, my favorite. Which reminds me of frank and I's new deep dance, electro shakra project, "Yoga Lazer." gooodmorning!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

black fire fingers or how I learned to stop worrying and shave my beard

Sometimes you see a whale in cloud.

Sometimes your sunday school teacher makes you stare at the snow until you see jesus.

Sometimes you get in the habit of drinking coffee at night, and its sunburned black hand reaches out to you... How.

Err... I mean... How?

Anyways, I shaved my beard. What do you think?

Its sort of funny because I meant to about two months ago in south dakota with my dad on top of a mesa. Like a ritual. But, I never finished the job.

I guess I just wanted to see my face again. Maybe even get a pimple?

okay love friends,
keep on,

PS: You are invited to pontificate wildly on the topic of beards and what they symbolize in our comments. It would give me such pleasure. Here's a start... HIBERNATION.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Photographs

I got a role of filmed developed just now. it is such a specific pleasure. since entering my personal digital era that anticipation and wonder is a bit lost. not to say i don't love snapping off 300 photos on my digi like whatever, but getting this role back makes me want to join old and new hands and seek ultimate middle way photography practice.

these are photos that hannah and I took during our romantic camping adventure down to Baja.

Max and Andy and I are leaving momentarily to join the rest of Snowblink in the studio out in Sacrament, home of west coast black metal. I'll have the memory of seeing Ruthanne Friedman, Mushroom, and Bart Davenport last night thanks to the rec of sir Nat Russell to think about on the drive....AND a first listening of the new, yet to be released, Little Wings album, "Soft Power," thanks to Max's righteous press connections...it's going to be BUMPING. talk about anticipation and wonder!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

snowblink: past and present

Snowblink is in the far eastern reaches of the central valley, fast at work on a new record. an opus we hope. It is a wisening time for all. The 1st photo was taken from daniella's senior thesis recital back at wesleyan university in CT. can you find young frank and david sitting swinging? we happened to be sharing this swing set with our dear friends andrew and benjamin who are in a band called MGMT that just got signed to Columbia Records (whoa), and they just exited their own recording world, which included hangs with david friedman and rick rubin (whoa). they are rad....myspace.com/mgmt

check snowblink.org to see what shows we have this month.

The 2nd photo was taken off daniella near lake tenaya in yosemite, and also near an earthly protrusion that i oddly remember as lazer beam peak, though even john muir with his subtle but thouroughly pyschedelic temper would refrain from such baroque blasphemes. In anycase, it was on the way back from rehearsing for the record, and, I think she looks beautiful. Even more than her new jams and joints, and thats some whitehotspeech let me tell you.

The last photo is of me on top of half dome wondering if my pants will rip on the way down.

They did.

But that was nothing compaired the confusion I'm experiencing right now trying to unsideways that thing.

Help dave!!

I don't look cute at all sideways.

[Frank! I turned you around, that's what a good art partner does...there is a cuteness in sideways, but perhaps a clarity and strength of vision in the upright. Man, maybe we should just continue to edit this particular blog entry into the future and it will seem like this moment in our lives continues forever.]

Monday, July 9, 2007

Crater Show

post your mailing address and you will be mailed a mail of a map to a crater in the hills that we aim to fill with spirited sounds, pretty soon.

(if you read that last sentence outloud in your best "pretend-freestyle" voice, it really sounds like rap)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

foam party

this is a taste of what playing a show in a foam bath is like.....rad! i love it when my life naturally inhabits the spirit of a blink182 music video. thank you michael deane and living room gallery for this peaceful opportunity. if anyone has a nice photo of the night, it'd be fun to see.

my dearest dear hannah took these photos. it was her birthday but a few days ago. I loves her.