Thursday, July 12, 2007

snowblink: past and present

Snowblink is in the far eastern reaches of the central valley, fast at work on a new record. an opus we hope. It is a wisening time for all. The 1st photo was taken from daniella's senior thesis recital back at wesleyan university in CT. can you find young frank and david sitting swinging? we happened to be sharing this swing set with our dear friends andrew and benjamin who are in a band called MGMT that just got signed to Columbia Records (whoa), and they just exited their own recording world, which included hangs with david friedman and rick rubin (whoa). they are

check to see what shows we have this month.

The 2nd photo was taken off daniella near lake tenaya in yosemite, and also near an earthly protrusion that i oddly remember as lazer beam peak, though even john muir with his subtle but thouroughly pyschedelic temper would refrain from such baroque blasphemes. In anycase, it was on the way back from rehearsing for the record, and, I think she looks beautiful. Even more than her new jams and joints, and thats some whitehotspeech let me tell you.

The last photo is of me on top of half dome wondering if my pants will rip on the way down.

They did.

But that was nothing compaired the confusion I'm experiencing right now trying to unsideways that thing.

Help dave!!

I don't look cute at all sideways.

[Frank! I turned you around, that's what a good art partner does...there is a cuteness in sideways, but perhaps a clarity and strength of vision in the upright. Man, maybe we should just continue to edit this particular blog entry into the future and it will seem like this moment in our lives continues forever.]


max said...

i desire new sounds

david/frank=ribbons said...

go listen to the radio, there's TONS of stuff out there.

max said...

aw cute