Saturday, July 21, 2007

the love collection

These are shells hannah and i collected together.

Last night was a snowblink show. Daniella debuted some new songs, and us fellas debuted some new choreography. I think this is going to really shape things to come. Shape.

Another snowblink show this the peralta studios in oakland, peralata and west grand ave.

Now it's time for some yoga and some yogurt, my favorite. Which reminds me of frank and I's new deep dance, electro shakra project, "Yoga Lazer." gooodmorning!


Frank said...

dude, Injust got the most amazing book from '81 of people doing insane yoga on clifftops in yosemite and inverted inversions in death vallet. prime.

aldo, dont forget to tell everyon the name of our record.

Reverse Prayer.

david/frank=ribbons said...

my names not aldo it's david!

i can't wait to see that book, it sounds healthy.

Cielle said...

ew. yoga and yogurt? that sounds like some freakishly kinky stuff. stick to chamomile tea-milk with honey. - c

david/frank=ribbons said...

OMG!! ahead of feeling rad for being correctly identified as kinky for my often saught comingling of eastern philosophies and dairy, I cant believe you forgot its called "chamomilk."