Friday, July 27, 2007

Crater Cometh


the crater show is happening on sunday august 5th. maps should be floating out in the world in peoples hands by now, or in the next days, but here's the map, floating in the interworld. This show is going to be somewhat of a procession up towards the crater...different folks will be playing along the way and as the afternoon latens, we'll arrive in the crater spot for a potluck and a some more songs.

bring yourself! and some layers, and some bells, and some potluckness, and your friend!
email us with questions (, or call us (david- 774-454-1445, frank 347-515-0738) with direction questions are to inquire about carpooling or bicylcing, both things being optimum.



electric pulse said...

hello. is there an approximate time that this crater show commences?


david/frank=ribbons said...

the show will be sprouting at 2pm, growing throughout the afternoon, and blooming in the crater with a potluck and more music around 4pm...but we expect crater hangs and sounds to go til around 10pm.

so come when you feel like it!

if you are driving from SF is there a chance you might have room for a new friend or two? there's a few carpool inquiries..

electric pulse said...

yes, so far it is me and arvel, and there is room for two more people. but they may have to be willing to stop by the berkeley botanical gardens beforehand to see the mondo flower!

electric pulse said...
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