Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Show!

Addressed to the vast aggregate spectrum classic; the crew; the braided massculine and femininfinity.

Your forever pleasing unknown offerings are forever pleasing and becoming known as offered...

and so dave and I have come to offer in return...


Ship at the Cafe Du Nord
Wednesday Aug. 1st.
Doors 8:30, show 9:30.

I believe we are 2nd, but we could be first!! We've made way less culture than any of these kids!! DANE!!!

If you want real proper information: http://www.cafedunord.com/

Also, apropos the many colord pixels, though mostly green,

Dave And I are working on approximately 2,384,518,343 books right now, and one of them is tentatively titled "tree hugs." I still think it should be called "wetnosed branch snugglers," but like all things, its a battle to the end right! RIGHT!


Anyways, It's about a lot of things. Being (mis)understood. Being labeled. The birth of Irony. Uhhh...ultimate chillaxation sesh seeking amongst the foliage and the friends.

I think I/we might write a long beautiful essay on all it means to me/us.

And remember,

Are I am You?

It's fine to ask yourself that again and again and again and again and again and again and again,

because theres nothing simple or serious about it.

your friend,


Max said...

you am i are frank, it's true.

speaking of true: yesterday i went to the capecod bay when the sun got low and red. i walked past sunset crowds and made a pile of my shirt and shoes and began walking into the sea: walking and walking and walking and...it was the longest sandbar ever. a quarter mile at least with the water still only up to my knees: i imagined how i must look to the crowd, walking into the setting sun. i lay down, submerged, salt, baptism in waterfire. three times under then back to land.

it was deep and prime...like some secret hot springs.


frank said...

max my true love how we miss you!!