Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Photographs

I got a role of filmed developed just now. it is such a specific pleasure. since entering my personal digital era that anticipation and wonder is a bit lost. not to say i don't love snapping off 300 photos on my digi like whatever, but getting this role back makes me want to join old and new hands and seek ultimate middle way photography practice.

these are photos that hannah and I took during our romantic camping adventure down to Baja.

Max and Andy and I are leaving momentarily to join the rest of Snowblink in the studio out in Sacrament, home of west coast black metal. I'll have the memory of seeing Ruthanne Friedman, Mushroom, and Bart Davenport last night thanks to the rec of sir Nat Russell to think about on the drive....AND a first listening of the new, yet to be released, Little Wings album, "Soft Power," thanks to Max's righteous press's going to be BUMPING. talk about anticipation and wonder!

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Max said...

sweet song sips, like tree birds
your ship, my inmost leaf