Wednesday, November 26, 2008

re collection

there's nothing quite like capping off a period of time working on a project by cleaning and attending to the things that felt unattendable while in the thick of the thicket. this came for me in sorting out my collection...dusting off the older specimens, finding a place for the newly arrived, and getting rid of the the in between.

this tidying is especially timely and for that especially satisfying since I'll be boarding a plane for the east coast this evening, and it's always good to leave things nice for your return.

i hope everyone gets to attend to their assorted sorting, and enjoy a restful holiday....and with that, I'll sign off with something my friend jamie dutcher just made and past my way, it's a picture of last year's thanksgiving at the dutcher household. bye!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cave finale

saturday was the final gathering within the cave. meara debuted her new creation... a metal plate charting sound waves in salt pictures...beautiful. fertile crescent arrived from the east coast as long lost friends of meara and new friends to me. luke made a special travel down from seattle to offer his cave connections and churn the sound potion, creating the dance movements to which we all brought down the cave.

it was really wonderful to revel in destroying something that had been so carefully constructed...complete paper avalanche dance reminded me of being a kid and spending all day at the beach building a sand castle just so you could stomp all over it right before you had to go home and have pizza. So good.

I loved how quickly the cave imploded, the outside became the inside, and then there were just lots of people holding up their own mini caves. So good.

Thanks so so so much to Kelly, who most generously and excitedly encouraged all this business to happen in his home. Thanks so so so much to Eli for a constant lending hand and relaxed spirit. Thanks to Conor and Anne and their young one. Thanks to Mount Eerie, Barn Owl, Lucky Dragons, Avocet, and Fertile Crescent for answering the invitation to make cave sounds with such inspiration. Thanks to Hannah for help beyond help and for making the marshmallows (look down and down below low).

My art show next door at Forthrite will be up until Dec 3rd, if you'd like to go see it, or maybe go get a print for a holiday present...thanks for everyone's enthusiasm and support on this little show streak, highest five!

luke peers through a cave crack before stirring the cauldron

look below for sara of fertile crescent's photo sequence of the cave crumble...her flash kept catching dust in the air so it looks like it's snowing!


...just two dudes with lots of breasts eating marshmallows...

Friday, November 21, 2008

this SATURDAY night CAVE show 2

this saturday night, november 22, is the last in this series of cave play, come on by and see what a cave crumbling paper avalanche looks like...!


@the cave
@5861 san pablo ave


$5-10 please

(and it's meara's birthday, so add "celebration" to your list of visions for the evening...!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Barn Hunting

spent most of yesterday doing some barn hunting...looking for the right winter barn for a show barely in the distance with Karl Blau and Gojogo. It's funny how time can be a game of leap frog from plan to plan. As least that's how I feel sometimes. Like at the moment I'm on a pretty nice pad but I'm getting in my deep crouch for the next take off.

anyway, there's lots of beautiful barns scattered through the hills eastward. I enjoyed making drawings and leaving notes for people asking if they might be interested in having some visitors.

Anyone know of a sweet barn that they'd like to share? pass on the word.

[tonight, you can wet your whistle with some pre-cave show Lucky Dragons and Hecuba at Lobot, 1800 Campbell St Oakalnd....and if you want to just sleep over at Lobot til thursday, you can be first in line for the Sandy Bull Documentary/Gojogo show. I'm bringing my cot.]

Monday, November 10, 2008

show shots

here's what the show looks like over at feature you might notice is that I put some time into building frames, which is an expression of one of my new feelings (a new development/ achievement with total gratitude to the good grace and good guidance of sir Elias Reitz, who, by the way, is going to be playing some shows with his band Painted Cakes, this wednesday at El Rio, and this sunday at ABCO, with the Impossible Shapes, who sir Nat Russell was just gushing over to me, as well as the first show in quite some while from his other band Gojogo at Lobot for the screening of KC Bull's documentary of her father, Sandy Bull, which I've had the privilege of seeing, and is amazing. there you go).

anway, the show is comprised of some drawings made on the sheets of different scrapbooks that I have collected and de-scrapped, with drawings from my walks around my home here, from my time in cape cod this summer, from my time at my residency up in the woods outside nevada city (more on that soon) this fall, and from some older times too.

thanks for checking it out friends.

(if anyone is interested in taking home a print, seen in the post below, or a drawing for that matter, send an, a little love can be arranged)