Monday, November 17, 2008

Barn Hunting

spent most of yesterday doing some barn hunting...looking for the right winter barn for a show barely in the distance with Karl Blau and Gojogo. It's funny how time can be a game of leap frog from plan to plan. As least that's how I feel sometimes. Like at the moment I'm on a pretty nice pad but I'm getting in my deep crouch for the next take off.

anyway, there's lots of beautiful barns scattered through the hills eastward. I enjoyed making drawings and leaving notes for people asking if they might be interested in having some visitors.

Anyone know of a sweet barn that they'd like to share? pass on the word.

[tonight, you can wet your whistle with some pre-cave show Lucky Dragons and Hecuba at Lobot, 1800 Campbell St Oakalnd....and if you want to just sleep over at Lobot til thursday, you can be first in line for the Sandy Bull Documentary/Gojogo show. I'm bringing my cot.]


M said...

dave! is the paper cave, lucky dragons and hecuba magic happening this saturday? hope all is really super good!

ribbons said...

yes! it's totally happening...though hecuba had to pull out unfortunately.

I'll be emailing and posting up about it all later this evening I'd guess.

but yes! is the short answer.