Monday, November 24, 2008

Cave finale

saturday was the final gathering within the cave. meara debuted her new creation... a metal plate charting sound waves in salt pictures...beautiful. fertile crescent arrived from the east coast as long lost friends of meara and new friends to me. luke made a special travel down from seattle to offer his cave connections and churn the sound potion, creating the dance movements to which we all brought down the cave.

it was really wonderful to revel in destroying something that had been so carefully constructed...complete paper avalanche dance reminded me of being a kid and spending all day at the beach building a sand castle just so you could stomp all over it right before you had to go home and have pizza. So good.

I loved how quickly the cave imploded, the outside became the inside, and then there were just lots of people holding up their own mini caves. So good.

Thanks so so so much to Kelly, who most generously and excitedly encouraged all this business to happen in his home. Thanks so so so much to Eli for a constant lending hand and relaxed spirit. Thanks to Conor and Anne and their young one. Thanks to Mount Eerie, Barn Owl, Lucky Dragons, Avocet, and Fertile Crescent for answering the invitation to make cave sounds with such inspiration. Thanks to Hannah for help beyond help and for making the marshmallows (look down and down below low).

My art show next door at Forthrite will be up until Dec 3rd, if you'd like to go see it, or maybe go get a print for a holiday present...thanks for everyone's enthusiasm and support on this little show streak, highest five!

luke peers through a cave crack before stirring the cauldron

look below for sara of fertile crescent's photo sequence of the cave crumble...her flash kept catching dust in the air so it looks like it's snowing!


Max said...

Is the tearing of paper a comment on the economy? Rip It Up and Start Again (This Ain't No Entropy).

Anonymous said...

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