Wednesday, November 26, 2008

re collection

there's nothing quite like capping off a period of time working on a project by cleaning and attending to the things that felt unattendable while in the thick of the thicket. this came for me in sorting out my collection...dusting off the older specimens, finding a place for the newly arrived, and getting rid of the the in between.

this tidying is especially timely and for that especially satisfying since I'll be boarding a plane for the east coast this evening, and it's always good to leave things nice for your return.

i hope everyone gets to attend to their assorted sorting, and enjoy a restful holiday....and with that, I'll sign off with something my friend jamie dutcher just made and past my way, it's a picture of last year's thanksgiving at the dutcher household. bye!


M said...

ribbons, you're pretty coo. I got the link from my friend sara who was sharing with her far away fans pics of the ultimate cave party, and enjoyed reading your posts. didn't dig into the past much because of laze mostly, but what's up there showing now was fun.

david said...

i'm real glad to have shared some cave time with sara, and certainly happy to have sara be an ambassador to the things abrew in this corner.

thanks for dropping a line!