Monday, November 10, 2008

show shots

here's what the show looks like over at feature you might notice is that I put some time into building frames, which is an expression of one of my new feelings (a new development/ achievement with total gratitude to the good grace and good guidance of sir Elias Reitz, who, by the way, is going to be playing some shows with his band Painted Cakes, this wednesday at El Rio, and this sunday at ABCO, with the Impossible Shapes, who sir Nat Russell was just gushing over to me, as well as the first show in quite some while from his other band Gojogo at Lobot for the screening of KC Bull's documentary of her father, Sandy Bull, which I've had the privilege of seeing, and is amazing. there you go).

anway, the show is comprised of some drawings made on the sheets of different scrapbooks that I have collected and de-scrapped, with drawings from my walks around my home here, from my time in cape cod this summer, from my time at my residency up in the woods outside nevada city (more on that soon) this fall, and from some older times too.

thanks for checking it out friends.

(if anyone is interested in taking home a print, seen in the post below, or a drawing for that matter, send an, a little love can be arranged)


nathaniel russell said...

ever seen that part in lord of the rings where the two hobbits that are in love with each other are riding around in treebeards's limbs while he's going around destroying all those orcs? like that, but way mellower. like if the orcs represented bad vibes in general and one hobbit's name was "memory" and the other's name was "future". sweet frames.

ribbons said...

i think i'm going to cry.