Monday, September 15, 2008

Cape Cool: in drawings

drawing dunes is one of my greatest pleasures...they're just about the gentlest expression of land ever, constantly fading and answering the shapes of the waves.

Upon my discovery of the GI Joe wonderland, I spent a few hours every day up in the attic, drawing the lil dudes. As I would draw each figure, I could remember the way I would study them as a youngster and incorporate their character into my play schemes (I would bring a dufflebag of Joes to the beach and set them up among the dune about Desert Storm). Big time reconnection. It was also exciting to find so many dead bugs, as they've been the source of much intrigue and drawing pleasure for me the past few years. In that attic, the collections of two parts of my life collided, and I have already begun work on two partner drawings, one of all the bugs I collected from the attic, on of all the GI Joes.


Guadalupe said...

those GI Joe drawings are so great

ribbons said...

mighty kind of you to say