Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day to Explore

To cap off the time I spent in the headlands drawing the ocean and cliffs of rodeo cove, I made a map for sharing. I walked the paths of the cove with a giant piece of paper, folding it over and over and drawing as I made my way across the hills. This drawing surveying charting experience was redrawn and designed into the map which you see above. It's been printed as an 11x17 piece of parchment, and it has an intended use...

On sunday May 10th, mothers day, from noon to sundown, you can use this map to explore rodeo cove and discover a sprinkling of sparkling installations and performances and offerings by the likes of hannah barr-dichiara, drew bennet, canyon cinema, coconut, andrew connors, chris duncan, zach huston, inca ore, ruth kneass, amy mosley, kelly nicholson, meara o'reilly (avocet), maggie otero, pale hoarse, jesse schlesinger, stephen somple, lydia west, and more to come.

If you would like a copy of the map, we're trying to collect $5 to cover some costs. Here's a paypal button, or you can send an email inquiry to ribbonspublications[at]gmail[dot]com...a map will appear at your door.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sea Lord

this is andy when andy and jamie and i went to the beach yesterday. jamie found the poseidon in him with this pic.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Open Endless Opened

I had such a nice time last night sharing the new things, thanks everyone!  the show will be up for the next month, so you can go have an almond croissant and a coffee and pretend you're at the beach.   

** extra extra, the man who stole the jar of money for the prints was chased down and caught, and all the money was returned.  thanks to chris for spotting the crime, and adam for being such a pro vigilante justice seeker **

if you aren't seeing Michael Hurley tonight, or even if you are, go see him tomorrow out in the sunset at a pizza place called The Pizza Place, 3901 Noriega St.  You can get all the info at the Gravel and Gold blog....and you could eat soup and not pizza before hand at Outerlands if you want to do the best thing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Open Endless

Friends, I have an art show opening on wednesday. It's called Open Endless, it's drawings of the ocean and of the cliffs at Rodeo Cove in the Marin Headlands. It's about letting go of ends. I've been working on these drawings for the past 8 months. Almost enough for building a baby. I made a twenty two foot wide watercolor of the ocean. I made a very small drawing of the sand.

drawings by david wilson
600 guerrero st, sf
opening, April 22nd, 9pm
curated by brianna toth

I've also made a map of the cove, and I'm planning a day of exploration in a couple weeks with a flurry of installations and performances sprinkled over the cove for your discovery. More on that soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Frame Time

I am fast approaching the opening of my next art show. It'll be at Tartine in SF, opening on April 22nd. It's all last laps and final bursts of finishing for the next week and a half. Yesterday, my dear friend Eli was out of town and he let me use his wood shop to bust out some frames. 14 frames in 14 hours. Busting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


this is the spot I sit and draw long hours of drawings.

this is the first long drawing I made while sitting up there. it now lives in my favorite restaurant pizzaiolo in oakland.

and, as going deeper is the general M.O. these days, I decided to do it again. this time with a brush. I've been doing the walk and sit and draw routine over the past months, working towards a special thing in the fall. here's a little whiff of the new drawing's growings.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


you prolly know this guy.
his name is frank lyon.

he's one of my great partners in life.
remember this?
we took that picture together two and a half years ago, and it's how it felt. It's the first droppling of this blog...

We had this joke during the time he lived here and we worked on music and projects together, where we'd pretend to be our older selves having just gone international art duo, and we're being interviewed, and in a thick german accent frank would explain: "We are always making," that I would explain further, in a thick german accent, "We are ALways creating."

maybe that joke needs to be heard. Or maybe you need to be us to like it.

But, THE POINT is, frank's back , in my house, looking at how dirty his socks are, looking for windex to clean a piece of glass for the last of his collage pieces that he's making for his upcoming art show that opens this Friday at FORT in oakland. And you don't need to be him to like it, I know this for sure.
here's a photo of frank by the unstoppably positive and excellent Terri Loewenthal taken at our international art duo debut "Enter the Center," last winter at Eleanor Harwood in San Francisco, CA.
here's frank in my house cutting out brown (no bathroom humor here, just the truth) for a collage.
here's an image that frank finds inspiring.

It is with great pleasure I can announce:

new work by

23rd st, at telegraph,

art opening this friday, April 3rd, 2009.

and in no way taking any thunder away from the thunderstorm of frank's re-arrival...there's also an art opening that night at Triple Base celebrating the re-arrival of Bryson Gill as well as celebrating their Flat Files collection, with new work by the wonderful artists they work with, and new artists (like myself) adding art to their collection. It is an honor to be a part of such a sturdy lot of artists.
jesse schlesinger
orion shephard
rachel kaye
michelle blade
me and my bugs
alissa anderson....whose photo of joanna newsom makes me remember how I'm feeling, which is buzzing, having just camped in big sur this weekend and witnessed joanna share with an audience for the first time the collection of songs she's gathering for recording. special.

NEXT WEEKEND: Daniela's Malibu Wedding. the special season continues.