Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We Song

I spent the last month recording the voices of some dear people singing a song I like to call "We Song." It was made on my portable tape players and each person sings along to everyone who has already sung and been recorded...then they become part of the tape and the next person sings to the new and denser chorus. it's accretional man.

this is the song that I brought with me to Albuquerque New Mexico for a show at a nice place called 516arts. But, I never like to make it easy, so I have been exploring, looking for a place to leave behind my tape recorders with the song out in the world of albuquerque somewhere. then people can find what I found here (in abq) and listen to a sound from there (back in the bay). It's an exchange. I found my spot, and now I'm getting it all ready. It's by the rio grande and I am going to be burying a box with the tape players in it so they can hopefully stay hidden for the summer there. I set up two logs that are kind of like the boxes I built for my portable recording set up.

It's been a nice art adventure so far...still 6 days to go.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Angel Island explorers

moving on in a post-car world (it's officially totaled...) includes: Ferries to Angel Island. I have not been back since the big event back on July 12/13 2008...I got to visit it with my dear bud Sarina yesterday, and we cruised around remembering all the sites and things. Here's a link to some photos from back then (and you can see the following posts to see the full survey including sarina's photos from then...like the one below with andy post design for the backdrop to michael hurley's picnic table performance zone).

Monday, May 9, 2011

One Part Bummer One Part Wonder

the first photograph is the bummer...car crash on the freeway on the way to yosemite.
the second photograph is the wonder...my mom and hannah and I walked away from the car crash fine and left my suffering car in a Livermore tow yard so we could rent a car and keep driving to yosemite.

wonder wins.