Thursday, July 17, 2008

Angel Island

this past weekend was the angel island show that I've been planning with the help of brendan garvey and mark deutsch for the past 6 months. after all the mounting excitement and anticipation, things couldn't have gone more beautifully... I enjoyed some of the best performances by my favorite musicians with some of my favorite people in an amazing spot. pretty good combo.

a bunch of people have been passing along their photographs from the excursion and it's a treat to see each persons version of the adventure...I think I'll post some of the highlights, starting with a more comprehensive telling of the story from my dear heart sharer, hannah.

wake up kyle!


Luke Mastny said...

lookin' good dudes.....

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Aubrey (aka Iris) said...

I wonder if that's the same Wayne I know. Was he ever at a rainbow gathering? I'd love to reconnect if he's who I think he is. Did he ever go by the name Lynx?

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