Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to Back Show Happenings!

i've had the pleasure of setting up these two special shows next week... with tours schedules to account for, the show dates narrowed in on each other and ended up cuddling up for a cozy double header:


TUESDAY, July 15th, 2008

*Michaeal Hurley*

@ Triple Base Gallery
24th and Treat, SF
8pm, $5-10


WEDNESDAY, July 16th, 2008

*White Rainbow*
*Rob Walmart*
*White Fang*

[this show is in an abandoned area along the Port of San is right by the Bay, all the way east at the edge of is an incredible spot with an old cement factory and massive dirt pyramids looming in the background. Jesse Schlesinger and I will be creating a stage of sorts along the water around which the White Rainbow crew will perform, it should be quite starts around sunset, come early to explore this amazing spot. email with any questions about the map.]


Max said...

Look at What the Dave Did Now

david/frank=ribbons said...


(just gotta grind)

adam said...

yo dave
you are awesome
thanks for finding the cool zone
and for telling the peoples
and for fabricating makeshift masks when the smells got all weird
and the amp
and everything
have you run across any pictures from the rob fang bow port of sf show?

david/frank=ribbons said...


you say so many sweet things, gosh thanks, geez so happy...good to hear from you dude, yes, you guys owned that spot, it was brilliant. I took some photos and quite soon I'll be passing them your way (I'll ask around too).

hope you're well!