Thursday, July 24, 2008

Andrea Dunlap

Andrea took this slew of nice photos...she is a new friend and home sharer with the wonderful miss Meara O'Reilly. She has been terribly enthusiastic and endearing and I look forward to more hangs...she took lots of good shots (most of which here are selections from the Gravel and Gold blog, a rad new shop run by the official Snockumentary maker Lisa Strauss with friends Cassie McGettigan, and Nile Nash)I am especially excited by her coverage of the sunny lawn dance party that happened sunday in the bright afternoon (this was the debut of the mega dance mix that I've been assembling with the help of some dance music gurus...I forsee a more thorough investigation of this collection of jam gems in the near future).

and so concludes my survey of the angel island photo documentation that has slid under my doorstep. Interestingly, only women passed along photos (gentlemen? do we not take photos as steadily, or not upload and share them as freely?), and all in all I think the pictures speak to the explorative nature of everyone's time on the isle. if any other photos surface that are just blazing, I'll share them, but I am excited with this collection, and so happy with the residual feeling of the outing. next year...

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