Wednesday, June 27, 2012

two images from recent life... the first, hannah took this photo of colter and me doing the 'heart song' at the chapel of the chimes event. you make a circle and place your hand on the person to the left of you, on their back, and when you sing it passes the resonance through your touch so you kinda get in a particular harmony. colter and i are singing bros.
this second photo is a picture of Liz Harris (Grouper) creating some morning music up in Ukiah for the invocation moment of the big barn raising that we just did. She's incredible and made tape loop music for all the majic hours...late afternoon, starlight, morning. major honor.
my attention to the computer sharing has been especially low these days as i've been finishing a big drawing and preparing for that barn raising and now going to the east coast for a month. **If anyone is in New York on July 22, I'm helping organize a gathering there...we'll be meeting in Prospect Park all day for some recreation and installation and performances and things. let me know or just show up and wander towards the lake til you find us**