Friday, July 30, 2010 Kanoa and Mariko

my friends kanoa zimmerman and mariko reed came to the Grouper performance last week to lend their photo eyes to the's a first batch that is featured in a little article on the artcards blog

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GATHERINGS part 3 pf 4.... GAMELAN

join in for part 3 of Gatherings, it's going to be a wild one...

with a reel to reel recording of an a cappella mix of The Beach Boys' PET SOUNDS

2626 bancroft way
berkeley ca
6pm, doors open and Pet Sounds begins
7:30pm, Gamelan performance begins
$5 please.

Gamelan Sekar Jaya performs traditional Balinese music and dance. The orchestra, led by I DEWA PUTU BERATA, consists of 20 musicians playing interlocking, pattern based parts on bronze, iron, wood, and bamboo percussive instruments. With each instrument tuned to just slight variations of notes, there is a mounting tonal vibration that is quite hypnotic.

Dancers will be led by a special guest teacher NI KETUT SRI LAKSMI.

For the first portion of the evening, we will enjoy a distinctly different expression of tonal meldings...Devin Woolf has helped unearth a rare recording of an a cappella mix of The BEACH BOYS album PET SOUNDS. Played on reel to reel, this tape will cast spells through the museum as the ultra-rich layers of vocal harmony ring out and disappear.

Come listen and find the larger order!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

GATHERINGS part 2 pf 4.... GROUPER

presenting SLEEP
with a harpsichord performance by EUGENE PETRUSHANSKY

2626 bancroft way
berkeley ca
6pm-9pm (sharp!, don't be late!)
$5 please.

this is liz.
she is grouper.
she makes heavy tunes.

this is what they sound like:

this is eugene.
he built his harpsichord.
he also plays heavy tunes.

come on out to the museum for some heavy haunting holy tune time...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Terri Tells it Best... SUN CEREMONY!

terri... ruler of the lens, again and again to infinity.
here's terri loewenthal's looks on the sun ceremony last friday at BAM. she made fully appropriate joke that these are photos of her joining a cult. which is totally on point, and especially funny to me, since I once joined her cult for her wedding day (check out the cult picks here). What's so culty about lots of people wearing all white with newest age space frocks, all drumming and singing together? I don't get it.