Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Control Group

Control Group, curated by Chris Fallon and Jasmin Lim is up at Noma Gallery. There are some amazing experiments in practice to see. I made this movie about a journey with some of my young friends to hang a piece of stained glass up at memorial fort (see below).

(fort construction video by Daren Wilson, with Kanoa Zimmerman and Mariko Reed)

Monday, February 14, 2011

chicken barn/treehouse

a month or so back I accompanied a japanese wood working class up to Cotati to help take down an old chicken barn to reclaim the wood. the first part of the day was spent cranking on a rope attached from the barn to a truck, trying to to pull the barn off it's foundation. It creaked and leaned but was stubborn. In the end, one of the dogs that was around was playing and somehow nudged just the right spot and the whole barn came down (luckily the dog wasn't hurt, just confused). It was kind of like when someone super strong tries to open the lid on a jar and then gets frustrated and little kid tries and it opens. the second part of the day was spent prying wood and then taking all the nails off the boards.

we spent the night at the teacher's home in the area, and my morning misty walk brought me to this little gully on his property with a treehouse he had made 'to keep the grandkids interested in visiting' as he said. count me in.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Archive: 2006

continuing work on my's some drawings I pulled together from 2006.