Saturday, May 14, 2011

Angel Island explorers

moving on in a post-car world (it's officially totaled...) includes: Ferries to Angel Island. I have not been back since the big event back on July 12/13 2008...I got to visit it with my dear bud Sarina yesterday, and we cruised around remembering all the sites and things. Here's a link to some photos from back then (and you can see the following posts to see the full survey including sarina's photos from the one below with andy post design for the backdrop to michael hurley's picnic table performance zone).


nathaniel russell said...

spex krew

Sweetsman said...

haha i titled this photo "Australia," I like to think it looks like we are in the Outback in the late 80's. Good day. Hope the 'querq is treating you well. x

David said...

yea totally...we were on a deep safari for sure.