Thursday, April 23, 2009

Open Endless Opened

I had such a nice time last night sharing the new things, thanks everyone!  the show will be up for the next month, so you can go have an almond croissant and a coffee and pretend you're at the beach.   

** extra extra, the man who stole the jar of money for the prints was chased down and caught, and all the money was returned.  thanks to chris for spotting the crime, and adam for being such a pro vigilante justice seeker **

if you aren't seeing Michael Hurley tonight, or even if you are, go see him tomorrow out in the sunset at a pizza place called The Pizza Place, 3901 Noriega St.  You can get all the info at the Gravel and Gold blog....and you could eat soup and not pizza before hand at Outerlands if you want to do the best thing.

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