Monday, September 15, 2008

Cape Cool: in photographs

behold an august of ocean hanging... mom and i saw batman at the drive in
...I rediscoverd my attic, with all of my brother and my G.I.Joes, still set up, frozen in time
...and hundreds of dead bugs littered across the the floor among the Joes. total warzone.
...I rendezvoused with my dear friend Jonah and his new flame Maggie some ocean play brother josh and I upheld a favorite tradition: early morning donuts and beach walks mother defended her title as beach professional, equipped with enough umbrellas to set up an impromptu Bedouin beach village, allowing our family reunion to sit through a midday rainstorm while all the other beach goers fled for shelter.

...the newest addition to my yearly self portrait series (check it oot)

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josh wilson said...

hey Dave! great pics! great memories of a wonderful summer. I miss you, hope you are doing well!