Tuesday, August 14, 2007





this is what it looks like when I stand in front of the bathroom mirror in cape cod in my underpants. It's a thing i do nearly every day and sometimes i think to take a picture. Here are three mes from the past three summers. Notice the tan and shoulder muscles from 2005 when I was surfing everyday...Notice the arrival of my emblem shell necklace which I rediscovered on my 2006 visit, a wampum shell I was awarded at camp for doing something important....Notice the freedom hairstyle and the california glaze in my eyes as I gaze deeper into myself in 2007...how do you notice yourself friend?

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Frank said...


you know I never ever joke so here it is straight as a fifty foot long arrow flying free:

best blog post ever (rays of ancient light shooting of "my" into a gigantic helix of wondness.)