Thursday, August 23, 2007

saw i show

hello! Hi.

We ship have are a playing tonight show at near the the motel hotel utah southwest. It set up yep was by the a terribly wonderful, inspiring cool, and yep cool attractive jazz musician jasymn with also the terribly wonderful, shocking and talented and and sunrise attraction katey davis...did we ever spread our words in time or space prior to this current present coordinate? We don't think so....did we go back in time to our former selves as we were when we called ourselves Gold and tell us that we had become a bit lazy in our elder selves? YeS! hear our young selves as we grief cry. We think we're learning about ourselves. We know it!! We Know IT!! We're Learning!!!! (If you still come to the show, remind us to sing everything with an "!" we can, and we WANT to.


love us.

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