Monday, September 10, 2007

High Places Lucky Dragons Soft Circle Hawnay Troof

What a terribly big and ticklish treat to find an indellible digital youmemory piece on the crater show. It is with pride that we present it to you, peacewarriors.


Anonymous said...

Hi Friends,

I Find Absolutely FREE PlayBoy & Penthouse:

If I find something else I'll inform you.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Vera, as much as I LOVE free playboy, I feel that this video will be pretty valuable in 20 years as great moments in experimental music. Wish I had made it up there to have witnessed it.

david/frank=ribbons said...

wow thanks for the tip Vera, that's really kind of you to pass along. Keeping finding!

the internet is a strange kingdom.

(hello kinder kindred anonymous, yes, I toy with thinking about the future looking back at the events of the present, and I would love to think that that creek performance will be remembered...hope you can come to the next one, we hope to keep a tradition of shows of contemporary pleasure and future notoriety.)

like the fish said...

4 on the floor!