Sunday, September 23, 2007

What Would Stevie Wonder Do?/ Stevie Wonder's Last Name Is Wonder.

So, in the past couple weeks I have had the truly great fortune of seeing Animal Collective and The Dirty Projectors play "new music" in the bay area.

And if you've seen me, you may have heard my spiel about dave longstreth of the dps and noah lennox (aka panda bear) of the collective fighting a gentle but thorough war in my mind for the right to be known as

"the most vital, inventive, and soulful, interpreter of stevie wonder in the postpostmodern american musical epoch/slurry."

Anways its a dead heat, and a pleasure to behold, but I felt like it was worth drawing attention to the originator. However rad my two fine friends may be, niether of them are freaking out pbs and real children. Its a sign of the times and the talent.

Also, please, do note in both videos, the kid in the red shirt with the moppish black hair is my hero. If your sensitive to children illing transcendental on the dance tip, I'd pop a dramamine and put on a diaper, tyra doesn't know what fierce means.

And finally, whoever said kids have short attention spans clearly failed to graduate from jam high, and got an F in grooving, because, if you let your soft, beautiful, lusterous little eyes wonder to the lower right hand corner of the video, you'll notice uncle stevie had the tots on hydraulics for almost 7 minutes. That.... is whoa.

Thanks be to my friend jamie for showing me these a long time ago. He is a classic.


Jem said...

Oh man, Frank, THANK U for these. You are 3 days ahead of me as last night I borrowed piano sheet music from Alex U. so I could learn a Stevie Wonder song to impress somebody, someday. Quick, what will be on my mind 3 days from now?!

carlos said...

stevie wonder has made some stevie wonderful music.