Monday, June 4, 2007

a mountain of memories...

dear everyone,

thanks for being such the best and bringing your sweet selves up to the mountain. the sleepover party was loving. I am left with many wonderful feelings. I appreciate sharing moments with friends and friends of friends and strangers becoming friends as we make so special.

here's some photos from my camera, if anyone else has a banger worth sharing, email the email! to mark and brendan as righteous show constructor partnors.


nat russell, mountain romancer
nat russell, mid jump sausage biter!
abby g, golden g, easy e......sing a long captains
daniella gesundheit, hot hands........sssswwwwoooner
andrew connors, bbq activist

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Abigail said...

I only slept for about three hours that night, somewhere between the hours of 5 and 8 of the morning. My dreams were fitful and fractured- you know, sleeping outdoors in the mountain air- and as I struggled toward the surface of conciousness my dream dissolved into a questioning mantra that kept repeating, sort of escorting me to waking. What is Beauty? What is Truth? was all it said. over and over.

It's true. I swear.
I cant' thank everyone enough for being there. And I can't be grateful enough for There being there as well.