Monday, June 25, 2007

sitting stone

last week my wondrous brother joshua aaron wilson visited from connecticut. He is a Shaolin priest in training; meditating and kung fuing and healing and being awesome all is his way. What fun we had! surfing all along the coast, dining and hanging with dear friends, going for walks in the hills, meditating together in beautiful places. we went camping inside the yosemite wilderness and i did this drawing one morning of a neighboring granite dome, lifted in early light. i love you josh!

also, as per brothers, frank is flying back right now. i'm really excited.

Ship is playing a show this Saturday at the Living Room Collective in Berkeley, so that will be a nice to chance to welcome frank back if you can come. info on that one a bit sooner.

brotherly loved

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jwilson said...

That picture looks great on the web and looks great here in my room. See you in August!