Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sisterwife Frances and the New Appelations


I imagine many are collectively breathing of mountain memories, and perhaps a few are even still there, searching for the famed pentegram shaped hotsprings, from which the diabolic peak takes it's name. I heard they were also giving aggrocrag some serious consideration.

What? You didn't know that?

However, naturally, life continues elsewhere.

And I've got some exciting news.

My good friend frances is starting a movement with a few of her friends in london. Its called something like "sisterwifery," and I am pretty dang certain that its actually rad, and radical. And get this, there's a tiny chance they might let me become a brotherwife. I'm stoked!!

I'd like to explain what it means, but I think I'll just wait until frances publishes the sisterwife manifesto, and if you know anything about anything, you know it'll be more than just "faintly elegant."

I thought about it for maybe an hour, and suffice to say, I think at the heart, its about freedom, stores of regenerating love, and time dysmorphic germination techniques. YES!!

But what this brings up on a more personal level, is a little movement dave and I have been calling "the infinitely detailed human being movement." It is what it sounds like it is.

And for it to happen, you're damn right we are going to need rad new nuanced appelations like sisterwife, brotherwife,


as dave and I have begun to say,




Or any mixture you feel expresses the shape of your affection for and kinship with another.

So don't feel weird if I call you my fathersisterpet.

I just might love you,



david/frank=ribbons said...

frank! yes! of course frances gets it... wow, sisterwife...beyond!

what does your sisterlucyrealsister say? are you in scotland now? i miss you brotherghostchild

Daniela said...

well not only did i nearly cry at the sight of frances in all her up-close digital glory, but you must know that the sisterwife manifesto had its beginnings when joaquin and frances and i were camping in alex escamilla's attic for a week in brooklyn. frances and i had decided by the end of it to get our knuckles tatooed (in white, much like your ring-around-your-freckle bicep ornament) with "sisterwife"--- count the letters, count the fingers, notice how they line up. so, while it may have set sail in london, it began with an extraordinary amount of in-house love.
not to be uncharacteristically un-sisterwiferly territorial about the whole bit, but this is frances we are talking about. i have my limits, brotherwife.
love and misses kisses, daniela