Friday, June 1, 2007

"y'know fashion gays begets more fashion gays."

I am on my way to london to hang out with my rad sister frances, and I got shanghaid with my buddy richard lee in new york city. IT'S FANTASTIC. We met after the chanel party and then cabbed down to a p. diddy party, but got rejected at the door. So we went to a sort of weird back to the future style bar and had a drink. When we left, some fella flagged richy down and they dragged us into the diddy party. It was sort of strange and funny. I felt like I was in a good bone thugz video or something.

So there was lots of strange dancing, with fire and pearls, and suddenly, fight broke out, and p.diddy and kate hudson ran away. I helped myself and my friends to a few glasses of their champagne. It was rad. But also a bit strange.

Anyways, Then we cabbed back up to richards house and sat around and talked about the party. It was so far out and amazing. Anyways,

Rich said, "y'know fashion gays....."

It just really made me think about americas, and trying to learn englishes.

And that I think its good, actually.

Anyways, it just seemed like i should blog this shit, since its sort of the bloggiest thing thats ever happened to me. Like whoa.

Love your... self...

frank gilbert.

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david/frank=ribbons said...

I love this story frank, give rich and hugnakiss for me, he gave me such good suit-fashion advice. i look forward to more tales, watch out for the minstrels!